The Benefits Of Tile Roofs

Tile roofing has been used for many years. Historical evidence shows that tiles roofs were used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years. Possessing a distinct aesthetic appeal and being highly durable, tiles have been the traditional roofing material for Mediterranean, Spanish, and Italian style homes. Traditionally, roofing tiles were made from fired clay or slate. Modern ones are made from concrete and come in curved, flat, fluted or interlocking shapes.
Here is what the team at Roof Restoration Brisbane say are some of the benefits associated with tile roofs are;

1. Durability

No other quality defines tile roofs better than this one. Tiles discovered by archaeologists in ancient historical sites have been found intact. Clay tile roofs and concrete tile roofs can easily last for over a century. Tile roofs can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, strong rain and winds. Manufacturers can produce impact resistant tile roofs for increased durability. Tile roofs are also able to shed solar heat as they feature enhanced air circulation.

2. Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Tile roofs are made naturally from material extracted from the earth. No preservatives or harmful products are added to them during manufacturing. Tile roofs are usually low cost compared to other roofing materials in terms of their installation, repair, maintenance and disposal.

In addition to having the lowest lifecycle costs, tile roofs can be recycled. Old tiles can be used to make new tile roofs. Tile roofs have thermal mass, solar reflectance and air flow characteristics working in tandem to increase heating and cooling proficiency thus saving on energy costs.

3. Beauty

In addition to their functional benefits tile roofs are also very aesthetically appealing. Tiles roofs are available in various colors and styles to match pretty much any home style from Medieval to Contemporary European. One can choose various colors from the ones available or do a custom blend of colors to create a pattern and a unique roof.

roofing tiles

4. Fire Resistant

Concrete and clay roofing tiles are not combustible. This makes them highly suitable for areas that are susceptible to wildfires.

Tiles roofs are more costly to install than metal, asphalt shingle, or wood shake roofs but the investment is worth it in the long run. Tile roofs have historically proven their durability. Their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and even fire is unparalleled to none. They are also able to resist serious damage from hurricanes and earthquakes. Being non-combustible is definitely another huge selling point for tile roofs. Tile roofs are a good choice for areas that experience hot weather or exposure to salt air. If you need a guaranteed reliable roof to protect your home for many decades, use tile roofs.