Top Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

As is the case will all good roofing practices, maintaining your metal roof properly is very important. Metal roofs appeal to many home owners as they are eco-friendly and low cost. Homeowners also save on insurance premiums and energy bills by using metal roofs. The following maintenance activities can be done on metal roofs.

1. Ensure adequate drainage

Standing water can lead to corrosion on any metal material. Check to ensure that gutters are not clogged with leaves and debris and ensure liquids produced by heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment are properly drained from the roof through drain pans and PVC piping. Look out for any dips and dents that can hold water in any particular area of the roof.

2. Clean Stains

If stains persist after a period of rainfall, use a sponge, soft bristled brush or well soaked cloth and a solution of detergent containing less than a half percent of phosphate mixed with five gallons of lukewarm water to wash your metal roof starting from top to bottom. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to ensure no residue is left.

3. Check for scratches, chipping or excessive chalking

Scratches on a metal roof can occur as a result of debris falling on the roof. It is easy to cover up minor scratches by using a touch up paint pen that is similar to the color of the metal roof. It is always important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when applying touch up paint. Failure to follow the recommendations of a manufacturer when applying touch up paint can lead to voiding of the roof warranty or increasing the ugliness of the blemish on your metal roof.

4. Keep other metal types from touching your metal roof

Different kinds of metal could come into contact with each other and eventually be introduced to electrolyte such as water. This can trigger electrolytic corrosion. When different materials come into contact with a metal roof they cause corrosion, staining and degradation.

5. Check the roof after adverse weather conditions

Inspect the roof after bad weather conditions for loose screws and damaged panels. Also check and replace the metal roof sealant if need be. Replacing damaged panels and screws can be done by the installer. Checking out loose roof parts and the metal roof sealant will ensure that your metal roof remains water tight.

If a metal roof is inspected regularly and maintenance done correctly it can last for at least fifty years. Periodic maintenance will help your roof stay beautiful and extend its life. Keep your roof in top shape by doing regular maintenance.

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Article by Roof Restoration North Brisbane