How Do You Choose A Good Plumber?

how to choose good plumbersPlumbers are necessary if you’re building a new home so they can put in new water systems and pipes. On the other hand, most homeowners wind up needing plumbers because their existing pipes or fixtures wind up breaking. This unfortunately typically happens at the worst possible times, and it means calling in a plumber to address the issue quickly. Keep reading to learn a few things about choosing a good plumber.

Plumbers typically specialize in either doing new construction or repairs. So, know which kind of plumber you need, and only get quotes from those who specialize in your particular area of need. You might find that some do both, though, so keep an open mind. It’s smart to get several bids for your project, although if you’re in an emergency situation, that might not prove feasible. Ask what their costs are upfront, including emergency service fees or after hours charges. If they just work on an hourly basis, ask how they calculate their time so you can keep track of how much time is spent on things.

Use online resources when you can, not just to look up the contact information of what plumbers are available in your area, but also to see what previous clients have said about them. A reputable plumber is going to have hundreds if not thousands of reviews, most of them good. You shouldn’t necessarily expect perfect scores though, as some homeowners are going to be so frustrated with having a plumbing emergency and having to spend money on it, that they might take out their frustrations on the plumber they call in. It’s unfair, but it happens. At the very least, seeing lots of reviews will tell you that a plumber is rooted in your community and not some scam artist that’s going to do a cheap patch job and then disappear with your money.

If you can, talk to friends and family. You might even want to chat up coworkers and professional contacts that you trust. Everyone that owns a home winds up having to call a plumber at some point, and they can vouch for the good ones. Even renters might know or remember who their landlord or property manager sent out to address their own issues and can give recommendations.

No matter the reasons you need a plumber for, take the time you have available to research the possibilities so you can make a smart decision. Don’t get caught out with the wrong plumber. Use the skilled and licensed team at Plumbers Geelong.