What Are Some Of The Common Problems With Slate Roofs?

Slate roofs are considered to be the best, but each type of material has its pros and cons. What are the most common problems with slate roofs? There are some things that you need to know for sure. For example, slate roofing tiles are rather heavy, and that can actually make them not the best choice for some homes. That’s the common con you will see listed, aside from many pros. Yet there are still…

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Why Use Energy Efficient Lights That Help You Save Money

The era of classic light bulbs is long gone. More and more people have understood that they can decrease their monthly energy bills by replacing these lights with modern, energy efficient ones. Back in the time when these lighting solutions weren’t available yet, homeowners used to install neon lights in order to reduce their energy consumption and therefore their utilities bills. If you do care about your household budget, you should consider following this trend…

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The Art of Laying Bricks

This is the very first post on our wonderful new site. Originally this post was going to be all about this site and the topics we plan on covering, etc. etc. but we figured that we already painted this picture on the About Us page and no one is really here to read about us and our website goals that are the same as 30 billion other bloggers out there… So lets get straight into…

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