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Organic farming and gardening have become a highly trending boom in recent years. When it comes to gardening, the quality of soil plays an important role. Similarly an urban landscape, community garden, a small balcony, courtyard, individual flower beds, suburban yard, vegetable garden or Public Park also need excellent quality soil. Whether you need top-dressing layer for your lawn, soil for a new garden bed or soil to freshen up the existing bed, we have all your soil requirements covered. Whatever the project good quality organic soil is the first step towards its construction.

It’s a great feeling to grow your own healthy organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs in the home garden. We can help you grow a better garden organically. We have the best quality organic soil and gardening materials ready-to-deliver all over QLD. For unbeatable results in your own garden, All Landscape Supplies offers the best soil suited to your needs.

Why Use Organic Soil?

  • It contains healthy and rich nutrients & minerals.
  • It contains living matter such as decayed microorganism, plant materials and worms, which help soil maximize the water infiltration
  • It serves to maintain surface crusting and compaction at a low level
  • Organic soil is maintained only with non-synthetic or natural materials, which are generally carbon based
  • It contains compost, mulch and manure in appropriate amounts
  • It has the essential elements required for plant nutrition such as potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and aluminum

Why Organic Soil Needs Amendment

Organic soil can be affected by climate to some extent, therefore it requires to be amended by the materials that enrich it with more nutrients and increase its water retention & drainage ability. It does not require any pesticides, as soil amendment serves to promote plant growth and keep it away from diseases. At All Landscape Supplies, we look after the amendment of organic soil, whether it has to be supplied in retail or in bulk wholesale.

Harness the Benefits of High Quality Organic Soil

  • It contributes to the emission of carbon, which promotes growth of micro-organisms beneficial to plant growth
  • Plants grown on organic soil are less likely to suffer from deficiency diseases, since the soil is rich in organic matter (compost)
  • Organic soil possesses high capacity to retain moisture
  • Due to increased airflow in the soil, plant roots can breathe better
  • The chances of soil contamination due to chemical agents (pesticides and chemical fertilizers) are completely eliminated in case of organic soil
  • The components of organic soil are rich in micro nutrients and nitrogen & carbon levels, which make it highly fertile

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So when you need to buy organic soil for your gardening or landscaping needs, you cannot go past All Landscape Supplies. We can offer a wide variety of all types of soils. Contact us today to know more about our products.


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