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Mushroom Compost to Increase Soil Nutritious Level

Do you think that your garden soil needs a more nutritious supplement? Wouldn't it be great to have all the waste from your mushroom farm recycled to provide a rich nutrient package to your vegetable or flower garden? Compost can fulfill all the nutritional needs of soil. However, mushroom compost is the most popularly used compost across Australia. Also known as "Mushroom Soil" or "Spent Mushroom Compost", it is the medium produced from the commercial mushroom growing industry. No matter whether it's a small home garden, a formal ornamental garden, an organic vegetable garden or a commercial flower garden, using compost adds to the quality of soil and increasing its efficiency multi fold.

All Landscape Supplies is one of the best landscaping and garden supplies company in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are one of the best bulk compost suppliers with more than 20 years of experience. We consider it an important component of gardening materials. Our experts highly recommend using mushroom compost as a good alternative to mulch and an excellent soil conditioner. In addition, it can also work out to be a fantastic potting mix additive. Most flowering plants, shrubs, herbs, vegetable beds, and lawns can flourish incredibly, if supplemented with mushroom compost supplies.

Mushroom compost comprises of :

  • Bulking agents such as corn cobs, straw, hay, and horse manure
  • Nitrogen additives such as poultry manure, cottonseed hulls, urea, and blood meal
  • Other components such as water, gypsum, and recycled leachate from previous compost piles
  • The traditional method of compost preparation includes the use of well-rotted stable manure; however, it is nowadays made using composted straw.

    Why Use Mushroom Compost

    • Rich in organic materials and additional nutrients
    • Perfect agent for soil improvement and mulching
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Recyclable
    • Increased water holding capacity of soil
    • Appropriate soil pH
    • Promoted seedling growth
    • No harmful decomposition products

    Using Mushroom Compost

    • Spread mushroom compost on the soil surface and incorporate the compost into the topmost 10-30cm layer of soil
    • Allow 1 week for compost to settle and blend with soil
    • After a week, start sowing seeds or directly transplant the plants into soil
    • Initially, regular and repeated watering is a must

    The process of composting takes advantage of naturally-occurring microbes to accelerate the breakdown of organic wastes. It creates an ideal environment for microbes by providing appropriate moisture, temperature, and oxygen levels. Microbes grow and quickly digest the waste. The end product is humus, which is probably one of the best nutrients for all types of plants.

    Does mushroom compost really help to save water?

    Yes, it really helps you save on water by storing almost up to 70% of its own weight in water. It also improves transmission of water through the soil. The presence of compost soil remains cool even in warm weather. Additionally, it increases soil resistance to both wind and water erosion.

    To know more about mushroom composting and pricing for bulk purchases, call us today.


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