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A Complete Garden Edging Solution

So you have renovated your garden. Then you realize that something is missing. A paving walkway, retaining walls, benches, lawn, flower beds, sitting blocks or none of these? It might be garden edging! After a completed gardening project, if something can still enhance your garden's look, then it's certainly the top quality garden edging! In any landscaping project, two sites meet at a point. Whether it’s a garden bed and lawn, garden and patio or lawn and driveway, every individual area should be neatly defined and finished off as well. Garden edging is something that will nicely complete your project! It is a border that actually separates two consecutive areas and imparts a clean look to the overall surroundings. It prevents grass from spreading to plants and flower beds, so no wonder most of the private garden owners choose to install garden edging inside their gardens.

How to Choose the Right Garden Edging?

Choosing a suitable edging material for your landscaping project is simple because the choice solely depends on your requirements and budget. However, it's advisable to choose a good quality edging material, which will last longer compared to the cheap alternatives. Low quality edging materials are most likely to fall off within a few months and create unnecessary hassles. Therefore, it's critical to find the top notch quality gardening materials supplier in your area. When it comes to buying high quality landscaping and gardening products across Brisbane & Gold Coast, All Landscape Supplies has no equal. We are among those few that provide the highest quality material at equally competitive prices!

All Landscape Supplies offers a wide variety of garden edging materials.

  • Aluminium edging
  • Concrete edging
  • Paving edging
  • Timber edging
  • Plastic edging
  • Rock edging
  • Fences edging
  • Panels edging

Get Edging Ideas from the Pros

Our experienced professionals can offer you various gardening ideas to help with the garden edging choices and installation. Sometimes, wire fences can also serve as edging to a garden, if paired with a wooden gate. Whatever the requirement, the ultimate purpose is to separate different areas in the landscape and represent a clean look. Edging sets apart the garden from the rest of the lawn and brings out the beauty of garden structures.

Do I Need to get Experts to Install the Edging?

There is nothing like experience, when it comes to designing and installing garden edging. The task of edging can look easy, however good smart planning and quality building of edging is a must. It can certainly be done by yourself so long as you get the right materials and the right advice. Our expert pros will help you so that you do it just right in beautifying your garden.

All Landscape Supplies provides durable, high-quality, flexible edging products suited to a variety of projects. Our products are the most competitively-priced, offering best value for money on every purchase. No matter whether you need a circular, straight, angled, or curved edging for the garden; we have all your demands covered here.

View the gallery of garden edging products available on-stock.

Besides edging materials, All Landscape Supplies also specializes in supplying decking products & ideas, organic soil, sand & gravels, natural & polished pebbles, stones & rocks, pavers & retaining walls, turf, barks & mulch, and compost & manures.

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